Our standard range includes lampshades to be used with:

  • upright lamps,
  • hanging lamps,
  • centrepiece-mounted, and wall lamps.

We have conical, oval, square and rectangular models, as well as retro styles, and plenty of other unusual shapes. Such a wide variety of available solutions makes it easy to match our products to any interior design.

Lampshades are made of fabrics that we have in stock, or of materials selected by the customer.

We pay great attention to diligence in the manufacturing process, paying attention to the finest finishing details in our products - all this to ensure that our customers have no doubts as to their high quality, and are satisfied with the selection of our company as their supplier.

We dress the light
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Lamps and lampshades are complemented by suspensions designed and manufactured at Art-Abażur.
2008 10 17 Targi HOTEL-INVEST 030
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Lamps manufactured by us will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

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